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Experții noștri sunt pregătiți să te ghideze pas cu pas în procesul de achiziție al locuinței tale premium, pentru ca totul să decurgă conform planului și într-un timp cât mai scurt.
230 m2
6 camere
2 băi

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a piece of history? Well, Heritage Properties is offering you this opportunity by purchasing the latest property added to the agency’s portfolio!

As for the location, Spain Square is a rectangular square delimited by Dacia Boulevard and Red Dumbrava Street. The square is unique especially in terms of the elements that enclose the space, the buildings that form mostly continuous fronts. As in any traditional district of Bucharest, there is no unitary style, but modernism and art deco are predominant in the Spanish Square, an indication of the period in which urban development was completed.

In this bohemian setting described above we find the apartment we are presenting to you today. The building with 5 rooms, available on the 1st floor out of 4, is located on the entire floor of the building, with an area of ​​231 square meters.

Within it, the elements of classical, modern and contemporary art combine to create a corner of Bucharest that transcends time through its uniqueness. This matter is presented right from the entrance, through the imposing chandeliers, carved solid wood doors, dining tables and coffee table, containing typical elements of the classical Baroque. At the same time, the rich ornamentation is not to be missed in the living room (+ dining – 111.26 sqm) and the 4 bedrooms (3 of which are equipped with double bed and bathroom), the lush use of colors, light and shade being one of the the main processes used to arrange the space.

Also, this apartment is complemented by its own personality, belonging after the Second World War to a historical personality.

If curious enough, we are waiting for you to have a viewing with us! For more details please contact us.

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